Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Dust Mites In Carpet?

Dust mites are very tiny bugs belonging to the arachnid family and they continue to exist by feeding on human and pets, chips and cookie morsels. These insects can survive in temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius, and they only die when the air humidity levels drop to about 45%. Considering that Singapore has neither winter nor spring, these climatic conditions favour the continued existence of the mites. Anywhere you come across these mites; you will realize how hard it is to run away from them. They are harmful to your well-being, and if you do not give careful consideration to them then the female mites will lay hundreds of eggs in the eighty days cycle; thus you may have more parasites at your place. It might be at wherever at your residence or your place of work.


The probabilities of getting more mites is always high than before if you do not clean your clean your office carpet. This can influence your health and eventually you might even fall sick. Dust mites are little and can't be seen by the naked eyes. They can be found in numerous spots at your homes, for example, floor coverings, carpets, and covers, seats, cushions, and bedding. Dust mites like to live in warm and wet conditions. Floor coverings and mattresses are the key regions where you can discover dust mites.

Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not only essential parts of keeping clean your floor covering, but it is also a practice that should be embraced to improve safe and healthy living. In case the floor coverings are not cleaned on a common basis by professional cleaners, chances are, they will pose your entire family in threat. Floor carpet cleaning guarantees that the carpet is free from any harmful parasites, filth, and different bugs. The strands used in the making of carpets act as a great home for these little creatures. Inability to clean the carpets will for that reason lead to making an ideal condition for their continued existence.

Failure to clean floor carpets additionally prompts formation of molds like organisms on the floor covering. Not only do the molds attract the mites but also stink. The floor covering will not just make unhygienic conditions alone but rather; it will similarly cause the floor covering slippery and make it turned into a health danger to individuals living in the affected household or people in the office. The growth of the mites will attract harmful organisms inside your home thus cause infections. The scent created too has an entirely terrible stench that may make the living environment inauspicious.

Carpet Cleaning

How to Get Rid Of Carpet Mites

To ensure that you live a healthy life free from bugs, it is advisable to contact a carpet cleaner for appropriate cleaning of your carpet. You should employ a floor covering cleaning professional to dispose of dust mites.

Effective Strategies of Disposing Of Dust Mites

• X-mite treatment technique:

The carpet cleaning experts use X-Mite Carpet cleaning treatment to eliminate dust mites. The cleaner sprinkles the cleaning agent on the carpet and sweeps the agent onto the floor covering with the help of a broom. The agent used in the cleaning immediately gets dynamic and begins working in the floor covering fiber. After a short period of about three to four hours, the cleaning expert cleans the floor covering with vacuum to evacuate powder and the dirt particles.

• Boiling point water extraction or steam cleaning:

Boiling point water extraction is another strategy to dispose of mites. This cleaning practice is by affirmed the Singapore authorities. This method of pressurized hot water extraction utilizes high water force and boiling water to initiate the response rate. At the point when the cleaning hot water is spread on the carpet, boiling water expands the speed of reply. This method thoroughly gets rid of grime, dust, mites, dust grains, and stains. This procedure should be conducted in a gentle manner as it is very efficient.

Carpet Cleaning

How Are Carpet Bugs Harmful?

Despite the fact that the dust is not likely to affect your body in a direct way, it can bring about or trigger an allergic reaction with ease and thus you can fall prey to those sensitivities. The other certainty which influences is the protein discharged from the eggs and the wastes of the mites which is harmful to your health.

Dust mites can survive in your sleeping cushions, floor coverings, upholstery and in the bedding. They can likewise survive in dry atmosphere conditions like in Singapore. The mites continue to exist and reproduce rapidly and without problems in clothes and floor carpets. They can bring about asthma and hypersensitivities to you or your friends and family. Steady exposure to the mites can be risky for the general population who are sensitive to allergies and respiratory issues. Sensitivities from dust mites can be mild and harsh. A gentle sensitivity can bring about cold, sniffling and watery eyes. Extreme sensitivity results into persistent severe coughs, blockage and asthma problems. These allergens can have an effect on your immune system too.

Consequently, cleaning of carpet regularly is essential and it is necessary for you to contact a carpet cleaner to make that your carpet is always clean and free from mites. Occasionally the regular carpeting cannot get rid of the entire dirt, and so you necessitate to most excellent carpet cleaning services given by the greatest carpet cleaners.

Singapore has neither winter nor spring, and the mites tend to grow because people usually shed them without knowing. Carpet cleaners in Singapore have adopted the carpet steam cleaning to make sure that the process of cleaning the carpets is efficient. The greater part of the Singapore residents are aware of the dust mites and so they do carpets cleaning on a regular basis. Mats are extremely sensitive, and thus the cleaning process should be precise. With that in mind, you ought to utilize the steam carpet cleaning practice or can employ the carpet steam cleaner for appropriate cleaning of your carpeting. This will give your carpet a new look as it was new and furthermore; it will keep all the dust mites far from your home or place of work.

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