Pet Stain and Odor Treatment
Pet Stain and Odor Treatment

Pet Stain and Odor Treatment – Pet ownership in recent years has skyrocketed. The pandemic meant many lifestyles and habits changed, often permanently. People who could not previously own a pet due to being out of the house most of the day now found themselves at home. People who previously relied on a busy office as their primary company source daily were now isolated at home and seeking a companion.

Many households now have a dog, cat, or furry family member. The pet industry knows how important our pets are to us, with the worldwide pet accessories market alone valued at around thirty billion US dollars. Pets offer us companionship, emotional support, unconditional love, and friendship. They can make us laugh, give us purpose, and remind us to live in the moment. Simply stroking an animal has been shown to lower blood pressure and relieve stress symptoms. We provide our furry loved ones with accessories, beds, food, exercise, and even their social media pages. Responsible pet ownership means caring for medical needs and keeping your pet fit and healthy.

The Challenges of Pet Ownership

Anyone who has ever had a new puppy or kitten knows how much hard work they require in the early days. House training can be an exhausting process. No amount of puppy pads treats and late-night trips into the garden can prevent accidents around the home. Training takes perseverance and commitment from the whole family. On average, a furry family member takes around four to six weeks to get the hang of things. That is six weeks of never-ending mess and cleaning for humans!

Once your pet is house-trained, they may occasionally forget their manners or get sick and unable to make it outside or to the litter tray! Pet hair and general pet odor can get trapped in our carpets and soft furnishings no matter how often we vacuum and dust. Pets can scent marks in places we can’t reach and bring other unpleasant odors into the home through their food and litter.

This can contribute to lingering smells around our house that are difficult to remove. Traditional cleaning products may only mask or mix pet scents to make an even worse odor. Chemicals in conventional cleaning products are not always safe in the areas our pets use the most, such as in crates, beds, and around their feeding area.

Specialist Pet Stain and Odour Treatment

Pet Stain and Odour Treatment
Pet Stain and Odour Treatment

If you’re finally over the house training stage or your home needs freshening up, then a specialist pet stain and odor cleaning service will be exactly what you need. Removing traces of pets should be a top priority if you’re planning on selling your house or reaching the end of your rental tenancy. This will ensure you achieve the best price for your home and avoid any unexpected cleaning fees from property owners. Similarly, if you soon welcome guests into your home, you want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. You can impress your guests with a beautifully clean and fresh-smelling home.

Our services include:

Stain removal from upholstery

If you’re puppy confused the leg of your sofa with a tree, we guarantee to remove all traces of the incident. Our upholstery cleaning process will leave your furniture looking new and thoroughly deodorized. We can also add protective coatings to soft furnishings to make them more stain resistant.

Stain removal from carpets

Our wet vacuuming and drying will simultaneously remove and deodorize any unsightly stains from carpets! We have a range of scents to choose from, each highly effective in providing long-lasting protection from pet odors.

Pet hair removal and deep cleaning of carpets and rugs

Pet hair can get deep into carpets and rugs, with most domestic vacuums struggling to remove them; our commercial-grade wet and dry vacuums remove pet hair from deep within the pile of carpets and rugs.

Odor treatment of soft furnishings

We use industry-leading cleaning products for soft furnishings that cannot be removed to capture odor-causing particles.

Deep clean of pet bedding, crates, and sleeping areas

We can treat all types of bedding, sleeping, and play areas to keep them clean and help them remain fresh and smelling for longer.

Specialist pet-friendly cleaning products

Most of the products used by our team are pet friendly to avoid any irritation or discomfort for your pet. Where other chemicals are needed, our team will ensure any residues are removed and the space is ready for use before leaving.

Cleaning products with specific ingredients to combat pet odor

Many products use natural ingredients such as white vinegar and baking soda. We also use enzyme-based industrial cleaners to remove the smells and stains long-term.

Deep clean of hard surfaces and flooring

Even if you remove your soft furnishings for more straightforward, clean, complex floor options, your furry friends can still leave their mark. Our specialist hard floor cleaning machinery will bring back the shine dulled by many paw prints! Outdoor surfaces were cleaned to remove pet stains from the patios.

General domestic deep cleaning

Alongside targeting all the signs and smells of your pets, we can also perform general household cleans to have the whole place shining!

Advantages of using our specialized cleaning service:

Stay Happy With Clean and Fresh Carpet
Stay Happy With Clean and Fresh Carpet
  • Avoid wasting money on multiple cleaning products that may be ineffective
  • Save your time and energy for playing fetch
  • Keep furniture and upholstery looking great
  • Save money by not having to replace household items and furnishings
  • Have a great smelling and clean home
  • Feel ready for surprise guests
  • Help with allergies and respiratory problems that can be worsened by pet hair.

If you’re ready for a clean and sweet-smelling home for your human and furry family members, contact one of our team today for the Pet Stain and Odor Treatment!

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If you’re ready for a clean and sweet-smelling home for your human and furry family members, contact one of our team today!