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There are many professional cleaning companies available in Singapore. Some provide general cleaning services while others specialize in areas such as domestic cleaning or commercial cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning company in Singapore can prove to be cost effective and an appropriate way to get your home or specific items such as mattress, carpets, sofas, rugs or curtains cleaned effectively.

Here are the services provided by a professional carpet cleaning company

Carpet cleaning

Carpets accumulate a lot of microorganisms including dust, bacteria and mites. It is therefore important to always keep your carpets clean not only to maintain better health, but also to have a clean home. With the amount of dirt being high every time a person walks into your house, it is understandable you need to regularly clean your carpets.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best move to make. This is because they use high quality cleaning methods that can never damage the carpet fibers and its properties. They also have the best cleaning equipment to make sure your carpet maintain it color, fiber, shape, dimensions and comfort. They are also quick and very affordable.

A well cleaned carpet is necessary in order to maintain good air quality and also reduce allergens inside the house. A professional cleaning company is also effective when it comes to carpet stain removal. If you have stubborn stains, they will be removed using stain removal techniques that cannot damage your carpet or drive the stains deeper.

Sofa Cleaning

An average sofa sees a lot of abuse and heavy use because it is used by everyone in the house. Normally, a sofa is a favorite chair for everyone in the house from children who jump and roll around it with their shoes on, to guests who can spill some wines and fruit juices on it. After several days of heavy use, you are left with a dirty stinking sofa. Your sofa needs proper cleaning but you may not have the time deal with it. Then it is high time to hire a professional cleaning company to clean the sofa.

Professional cleaning companies offer efficient cleaning solutions that are better and effective than many homemade cleaning solutions which can easily damage your sofa. There are several sofa finishes and each finish requires a unique cleaning method to deliver excellent outcome without any risk of damaging the colors and the texture. Professional cleaning companies have cleaning experts who review the type of sofa material, and then access the current state of the sofa before choosing the most effective cleaning method. Assessment before cleaning is important because different materials react differently to different cleaning products.

Rug cleaning

A rug is made of delicate and very demanding materials. Furthermore, rugs cost more than carpets, and therefore they should be treated kindly. Rugs are also more vulnerable to staining. This is another reason that makes people to look for professional rug cleaning companies. Professional cleaning experts have several risk-free cleaning methods that can clean any type of rug to a perfect finish. They also ensure the rugs maintain their good looks without damaging the fibers.

When you hire experts to clean your rugs, the entire rug cleaning process is handled by technicians who are have required skills to clean any type of rug properly and safely. They have selected cleaning methods that are determined by the type of rug you have. In addition, the cleaning equipment, materials and products used are all professional grades and are industry certified. This means that any stubborn stain of either chemical or organic in nature will be removed without damaging the color, shape or material of your rug. The other good thing about professional cleaning is that it gives better results and also reduce drying period because the products used are nontoxic and eco-friendly.

Mattress cleaning

Mattress needs the same cleaning as any feature around the house. Even though a mattress may not seem a dirty item in the house, there are many hygiene issues associated with dirty mattresses. A mattress is used every day, and therefore dust, bacteria and several allergens accumulate daily. Normally inside a mattress is dark, warm and poorly aerated. This provides an ideal breeding and living condition for bacteria and many allergens.

Professional cleaning service is the only proven way to deep clean a mattress. Since they use the best cleaning equipment and products, they can guarantee to provide genuine cleaning results that you will see and feel. Conventional cleaning methods will only waste your time and money and will not give proper results.

Just like carpets, mattresses should be professionally cleaned at least once after every six months. This is to give your bedroom good hygiene and improve air quality. Try professional today and this will leave your mattress clean and fresh just the way you want it. In most cases, mattress will dry after a few hours, even though the drying period will depend on humility and room temperature.

Curtain cleaning

A curtain is made of very delicate fabrics which are prone to stains. This makes them impossible to clean using traditional methods. Most people are tempted to throw their curtains in the washing machine for a good wash. But you are advised to spare your good curtains from the damage caused by washing machines. You need to use professional curtain cleaning companies that have effective and safer cleaning methods.

Curtains are always exposed to dust, pollen and bacteria on daily basis. If you decide to use traditional cleaning methods, your curtains will have permanent damage such as discoloration, creasing, shrinkage and tearing. Use a professional cleaning company to always keep your curtains clean, bright and fresh. The equipment used also dries the curtains very fast.

So if you want to clean your carpet, curtain, mattress, rug or sofa, you should look for a professional cleaning company. The best thing about a professional cleaning company is that they advise you on the best method to use when cleaning you carpets, sofas, curtains or rugs. Again, you will feel comfortable knowing all your textiles are being handled by professions, even the ones that need additional care.


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