How To Remove Carpet Stains For Restaurant

 In the hospitality industry, carpeting cleaning standards are essential for every restaurant to follow. In Singapore, the key set of standards is set by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, commonly known as IICRC. These standards play a crucial role in ensuring that each and every restaurant maintains a healthy environment. Having a clean carpet in your restaurant will not only add value to the carpet but also make the restaurant attractive.


The first step to maintaining the carpet in your restaurant free from stains is by identifying all the areas prone to stains. It's up to you to help your colleagues or even employees to keep the restaurant floor clean, which means learning to identify the regions that are more prone to stain. The following areas are well-known for having pesky spots:

Areas Prone to Stains

This is where you'll find stains from food, coffee, and other beverages.

Foyers and entryways:

This is actually one of the most problematic areas since this is where all of the dry and wet soil gets dragged in. You'll find all types of stains here, including grease, mud, oil, and water, depending on the season and where you live. The high foot traffic here makes it difficult to keep clean.

Carpeted areas in kitchen and cafeteria:

This is an obvious one since it is the area where all foodstuffs and beverages are prepared and stored in the restaurant. Everything related to food stains will more than likely be found here, including juice, coffee, soda, condiments and whatever else that can't be easily vacuumed up.

Transition areas:

This is where hard floors meet carpeted areas. It's common for dry and wet soils to be transferred from recently mopped floors to the carpet, causing stains.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Strategies

Once you identify these tricky points, you should apply different means of stain removal to clean your carpet. Below are ways on how to remove carpet stains for restaurant:


Vacuuming a carpet regularly could prevent soil and other particles from embedding itself in the pile. When vacuum cleaning, individuals need to clear out surface dirt. All carpets aren't vacuumed the same way, though; the type of carpet one has, will determine the kind of vacuum cleaner, which is going to be used. Vacuum cleaning at least once a week is a great way to go. While cleaning the carpet, you should do it in different directions. This little trick allows you to remove ground-in soil and dust particles from all sides better because it agitates the individual carpet fibers and loosens dirt more effectively. Constantly running the vacuum in the same direction or pattern can actually help trap dirt in the deeper layers of your carpet.


To avoid those accidental spills becoming a stain, people are advised to deal with them right away. A carpet cleaner would be able to collect most of the fluid before it soaks in. Nevertheless, for people that don't have a carpet cleaner at hand, a cotton sheet can do the job. The cotton sheet could be rolled on top of the spill to soak up as much as possible. When it comes to spills, one must treat the affected place straight away; the more time that the spill sits there, the harder it will be to remove the stain.

Hard to Clean Spots

For individuals that frequently have to deal with these hard to clean stains in high traffic places such as halls, that can be handled utilizing a particular method, which would give a lot more concentrated cleaning result. It is actually very simple. People have to preheat the area first and then utilize a wash tool to scrub and also help break down the dirt. However, if the spots remain in spite of the entire cleaning, wet tuft with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide can do the job on the affected place. The whole process can repeatedly be performed until the place is entirely cleaned.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Recipe

The Cloth Soda Process

A lot of people probably have heard about this before, but did not believe it. Well, it could do magic on these wine and beer stains if it's utilized appropriately. To properly accomplish it, one needs to blot the place with soda on a towel, and if that does not work, mix up a little water with a little white vinegar. This might be poured into a handheld sprayer. And then sprayed on the stained area and left to sit there for about 10 minutes to soak in. Lastly, a clean sponge could be pressed onto the area to absorb the spot. Yes, it's that easy.

Deal with Spots Immediately With DIY Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, a spot or stain on your carpet will become extremely difficult to get out. However, this will only happen if you didn't deal with the problem when it first happened. This means that the moment something is spilled onto your carpet or your pet gets it dirty, you have to deal with the problem. You need to soak out the offending substance with water and if necessary, use some natural agent like spirit or baking soda to dissolve and extract it. This will prevent the stain from getting fixed to your carpet. For complex stains, it is preferable for you to avoid DIY carpet cleaning methods, and call in a carpet cleaning professional. The reason for this is that lack of experience in the field often results in homeowners ruining their carpets with their own efforts. Sometimes, the ultimate damage is severe and perhaps irreversible.

Get Professional Steam Cleaning For Carpets Once A Year

If you have carpet then you have to make sure that you get it cleaned by a professional cleaning company at least once in six months to eighteen months. The reason for this is that professionals may use deep steam cleaning with truck mounted state of the art equipment to remove all soils and stains effectively. These processes have the capability of making an old carpet look brand new.


In the end, proper carpet cleaning is highly recommended. Many people frequently feel that their carpets are clean only because they appear clean; nevertheless, even those carpets that seem to be clean may have collected dust, germs, and soil below the surface. So, to enhance the life of your carpet and to improve its attractiveness, you should have the stains removed by a professional. Hire experts who have been certified by the IICRC for they are familiar with the Institute’s carpet cleaning standards.

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