What Is The Best Method To Clean Carpet Tiles?

Though cleaning of carpet tiles is easier than cleaning traditional carpets but still some people ignore their regular cleaning like they ignore the maintenance of their regular carpets. These tile shaped carpets should also be cleaned as soon as possible when they start getting dirty in a planned manner or at ad-hoc basis. Unlike regular carpets carpet tiles can be cleaned in Singapore in various manners due to their easy removal and insertion and harder structure. You need not waste money in cleaning these tiles through steam cleaning method which is preferably used to clean regular wall-to-wall carpets. But it is preferable to call professional carpet cleaning service for this purpose as you can damage their looks if you do not how to clean these tiles.


Various carpet tiles cleaning methods

Some of the most popularly used carpet tiles cleaning methods are briefly described here under from you can choose according to the level of traffic at your place, the type of their construction and the frequency of their cleaning. The main cleaning methods include:

Cover cleaning:

In this carpet tiles cleaning method a solution of detergent in water is directly sprayed over the top surface of the tiles as well as their fabric cover to moisten them. Then the head of a rotating flat brush is placed on the fabric and pressed across the surface of the tile. The detergent solution lifts out most of the soil from the tile, with a rubbing action, which is absorbed by the fabric cover. This method cause minimal disruption as the floor gets dry within few minutes.

Powder cleaning:

The carpet tiles are brushed with dry powder containing tiny sponges to absorb soil and dirt which can be removed later on by vacuuming the tiles. Though you need for drying of the tiles in this method but while vacuuming them you should ensure their proper cleaning as residual powder in the tiles can attract soil and dirt very quickly. Though you can use this method to cleaning your carpet tiles frequently but it should be accompanied with deep cleaning for the maintenance of their looks for long time.

Deep Cleaning by extraction or injection:

In this carpet tiles cleaning method a water jet is directly focused on the textile covering of the floor to remove soil from it. The fluid is then vacuumed away. You can use warm or cold water with or without detergent to achieve good results.

Deep Cleaning with shampoo:

In this method an active chemical detergent solution is brushed into the carpet tiles to loosen and lift the dirt and soil from their fibres. The foam created by this shampoo solution helps in raising the soil to the surface of the tiles. This soil is then removed by brushing it with a cylindrical rotating brush as it is kind to the piles of the tiles cut from pile carpet. But if your tiles are cut from loop carpet then it is better to use flat disc brush for this purpose. Both the deep cleaning methods are recommended for cleaning carpet tiles thoroughly as the cleaning agents used for this purpose do not allow any residual soil and dirt in them.

Carpet Cleaning

Things needed for cleaning carpet tiles:

In order to clean your carpet tiles you need small sticky notes, vacuum, carpet shampoo, spray bottle, nylon scrub brush and mild detergent.

Proper ways to deep clean the carpet tiles:

Though it is better to all a professional carpet cleaning service for deep cleaning the carpet tiles in your home of office but still you must know the proper way to clean them so that you can assess their working standard. It is a step-by-step process to get the best results.


First of all the entire area should be vacuumed to pick up the dirt and dust from the tiles which can be problematic when cleaning the stains with water solutions. The tiles on the edge of the room can catch a thin layer of dirt you have vacuumed form the other parts of the room. So to avoid it you should remove these tiles to vacuum them separately.

Focus on target areas:

You should use sticky notes to mark the areas needing additional focus while cleaning carpet tiles. In this way you will not miss even a single path of dirt on these tiles by selecting their problem areas with excessive crusted spills, soiling and wear.

Prepare the solution:

You should add ΒΌ cup of mild detergent in 3 cups of water and pour it into a spray bottle and mix it by shaking it well after closing its lid tightly.

Carpet Tiles

Scrape the crusted spills:

You can minimise the scrubbing of your carpet tiles by scrapping out crusted materials from them. It will also lessen the chances of increasing the problem instead of removing it.

Removal of problem tiles:

If any of your carpet tiles need extra cleaning them you can take it out as they are fixed in a jigsaw puzzle like pattern. You can pick one from its edge and pull up to lift it from the floor, leaving a hole on it.

Treatment of stubborn stains:

Now you should spray the solution of mild detergent in water or a premixed carpet shampoo directly on the stains. The stains should be dabbed and blotted with a cleaning rag. You can use a cleaning brush to scrub the stains if you fail to remove obstinate stains with any other method.

Thoroughly rinse the tiles:

In order to ensure the removal of entire shampoo or detergent from the carpet tiles you should rinse the tiles in the sink or use soaked cleaning rags.

Completely dry the tiles:

If you have taken out carpet tiles for cleaning then you should not fix them back until they dry completely otherwise they can attract mildews and moulds. You can place the tiles at dry and warm place or use hair drier to quicken the drying process.

Replace the tiles:

After drying the carpet tiles completely you can replace them in their proper place to give an even shape to your floor.

Thus you can clean your carpet tiles in Singapore to maintain their looks for long time.

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