How to Remove Coffee Stains on Office Carpet

The stains of coffee on office carpet look very horrible as they will be seen by every visitor. Though everyone in the office carries the cup of coffee carefully still accidents occur accidentally. So if it has got stained with coffee spills then you will have to find the ways to clean them effectively. Basically it is ideal to clean any kind of stains from the carpet as soon as possible and similar is the condition with coffee stains. Still there are few methods you can try to remove coffee stains effectively from your office carpets.

Coffee Stain Carpet

Use of natural stain remover specially designed for this purpose

Some people make a natural coffee stain remover by using certain basic products available in almost every household. These products include baking soda, white vinegar, mild detergent and a spray bottle. Though it looks a bit terrible to use such products in an office environment still they can remove coffee spill stains effectively, especially when it is used on the stains when they are still wet.

How to apply this stain remover

First of all you will have to clean the carpet gently by using the detergent but you should void to rub a cleaning liquid as such aggressive products can damage its fabric instead of removing stains. Then use spray bottle to pour some water on the carpet you have cleaned just now. You can use paper towel to pat dry your office carpet. Now to absorb excessive moisture in the carpet you can sprinkle some baking soda on it and let it sit there for some time. After some time you can use vacuum cleaner to remove baking soda from it to find a clean and stain-less carpet.

In this way you can effectively clean coffee stains from your office carpet. But if some satins still exist on your carpet then you can mix white vinegar and water in equal quantities and use this mixture to treat the carpet again. After completing the procedure you should dry the carpet thoroughly.

Use of commercial stain remover

If you have a large dried up patch of coffee stain or spills then you may not be able to remove it with above discussed method. In this case you will have to use a cleaning product of commercial grade. You can find various types of cleaning products in the market that are specially designed to remove the stains of coffee from your office carpet. While using these carpet cleaners you will have to follow the instructions provided by its manufacturer on its package to get the best results.

Coffee Stain Carpet

Some other methods to clean office carpets of different types of fabric

There are various other methods that can be used to clean the stains of coffee from all types of carpets but if you want to find a method specifically according to the type of your office carpet then you should go through the tips provided here under.

Natural fabric carpets:
While cleaning coffee stains for the carpet made of natural fabric you will have to pour some cold water on the stains and soak the moisture with coffee from the carpet with a paper towel. This method can preferably be used on wet stains of coffee otherwise you will have to opt for other cleaning products.

Olefin and Nylon fabric carpets:
These are among the most commonly used synthetic fibers in making beautiful carpets normally used in offices. Being made from highly stain resistant fabric, coffee sills can be removed from it very easily by absorbing it in a dry paper towel. But after completing the procedure you will have to ensure that the carpet completely dry as moisture in it can increase the growth of molds and produce horrible smell. But if the stains have dried up on your nylon office carpet then you will have to depend on commercial cleaners.

Polyester fabric carpets:
If your office carpet is made of polyester fabric then you can easily remove stains of coffee just by using white vinegar and water. In order to stop spreading of stains you should start bloating them inside out. Now spray the mixture of equal quantity of white vinegar and water on the stained portion of the carpet. You can also use a piece of sponge to rub off remnants of stain. After it you can use paper towel or cotton cloth to soak out the liquid mixture.

First of all test your cleaning solution

But before using any cleaning solution, whether it is a homemade product or commercial cleaner, on any kind of carpet fabric you should always test it on the not-so-visible part of your carpet to ensure its positive results. You can use the solution on the stained part of the carpet, if it does not show any discoloration or any other type of change in the looks of your carpet while testing.

Coffee Stain Carpet

Some more tips and suggestion to clean coffee stains from office carpet

Though it can be easy to remove coffee stain from your office carpet but if the stains a bit older then you should first of all soften it by spraying some water and then sprinkle some salt on it. Salt will take out water as well as coffee from your carpet and lighten the color of the stain. To get rid of salt you can use vacuum cleaner and the use of commercial cleaner can help you in getting rid of the leftover stain.

You can also use the juice of lemon to lighten the dark spots of coffee spills. But if the stains are old then you can mix some commercial cleaner in this lemon juice to remove the coffee stains a bit faster.

Beer can also help you in getting rid of coffee stains from your office carpet. You can pour it on the dry or wet spill of coffee and soak the moisture with paper towel or cotton cloth to remove the stains effectively.

However, if you are short of time to clean coffee stains from your office carpet yourself then you can hire professional carpet cleaning service in your area to do such things on your behalf.

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