8 DIY Capet Cleaning Hacks You Never Knew

Carpet cleaning is not just another home cleaning activity. It is an exercise that requires creativity and skills to deliver excellent results. The cleaning tips or techniques matters a lot. The cleaning techniques one uses determines how fast and well the job is done. unfortunately, some homeowners still use the same old carpet cleaning tricks which can be extremely difficult to deal with some unique situations. This article is providing you with 8 killer Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning tips you never knew. Take a look at these hacks:

Carpet Cleaning Tips

1. Dealing with Nail Polish

Among the many things that can be frustrating to deal with while cleaning the carpet is nail polish. They are very stubborn and can make homeowner shiver once they spill. However, if you are smart, this can be treated just like any other dirt on the carpet. Alcohol is the solution to nail polish if you didn’t. I know this can be tricky considering the fact that alcohol is a bleaching agent. To avoid damaging the die, rub the nail polish with alcohol and the stain will just disappear. That amount of alcohol is not enough to damage the die.

2. Pet Accidents

Pets are notorious and sometimes, they can do the unthinkable. What do you do when that happens? Well, some people would run for strongest shampoo to remove to the stain and take care of the smell. Trust me that may not work especially if you have long haired carpet. It will make the stain even rough to deal with. What you need is baking soda, which is among the best homemade carpet cleaning substances for such conditions. Just spread the baking soda over the area and allow it to dry and then vacuum away. That should work and if it hasn’t, then you can use a stain remover to blot it away.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

3. Removing the Gum

If you’ve got kids in the house, then you must be ready to deal with cases of gum very often. However, some people are still struggling with how to remove the gum once it sticks to the carpets. Most spend a lot of time working on something that would have taken them a few minutes to clean. Do you know that ice cube is the remedy to sticking gum? Well, now you know. If you find gum on your carpet, all you need to do is to freeze it hard by rubbing the ice cube on the gum. Once it hardens enough, scrap it off with an object or a spoon.

4. Collecting Shards

Breaking glasses is a common thing in all homes. But the main challenges to most homeowners is how to clean glass shards from the carpet. Note that the broken glass shards are extremely dangerous to the everyone living in the house. That includes you, kids and pets. These shards are difficult to locate thus making it difficult to collect them. However, you have a breading, then you have the perfect solution to catch these sharp objects with a lot of ease. Just take a toast and press it on that areas and it will all catch even the tiniest glass shards. This is genius carpet cleaning hack not known to many people.

5. Cleaning Spills

Spilling on the carpet is one of the common and irritation things. Spills should be cleaned instantly since they can promote the growth of bacteria thus causing infections. They can also result in bad odors. But you don’t need sophisticated carpet cleaning to remove spills. However, dealing with spills is greatly determined upon by the type of spill that you are dealing with. There are three major types of spills namely juice (sugar-based spills), dairy spills and wine spills. For the sugar-based spills, blotting is the most effective ways of dealing with them. Spray the area with hot water and use blotting technique to absorb the excess moisture. For the dairy spills such as milk, use dish detergent and warm water mixture and blot the stain until it has disappeared. To deal with wine spill, pour cold water on the area and blot until the stain is no more.

6. Cleaning Dirt such as Soil

If you experience high foot traffic in your house, then dirt is a problem you will be dealing with often. If you have got kids, then you will still have the same problem. However, you don’t need an overhaul carper cleaning whenever you are dealing with dirt. There are smart ways to deal with such situation and deliver even better results. Shaving cream is the ideal solution to dirt on the carpet. You just need to rub it gently into the spot and the stain will disappear. Shaving cream will also make your carpet look new since it does not leave even the slightest traits of stain.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

7. Removing hair and Cruds

Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that pet hair and cruds are substances they hate coming across cleaning the carpet. Pets hair is the most difficult to deal with. One thing about these two is the fact that they are not easily packed by the common vacuum cleaners. That simply means that they require extra work to remove. However, some of the common techniques can be frustrating especially if you are dealing with a lot of hair. However, you can use the lint roller to clean these particles from the carpet. Squeegees are also highly effective for removing pet hair on short haired carpets.

8. Cleaning Oil from the Carpet

Anyone who has cleaned carpet for a while will tell you that oil stains can be extremely difficult to clean. One thing that makes oil tough cleans is that it spread and stick. However, there are affordable and available DIY oil cleaning solutions that make which are relatively cheap. Baking soda is the ideal solution for cleaning oil from the carpet. Just spread the baking soda across the stained area and leave it until it forms crusts. Then vacuum the spot. If the stain is not gone repeat the process.

These are 8 DIY carpet cleaning hacks that are little known. If they can be used applied as directed, then you will never have a problem with most of the stubborn stains. Try them and you see a huge difference between what you have been used to.

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