Why Hire Us As Your Rug Cleaning Service?

You can have a house but you won’t call it a home because you have just moved in and its floor is pathetic. The good news is that you can easily buy a floor covering from a rug dealer in Singapore and the moment you put it on the floor, you will be proud of your home. That’s not all because you could also have a floor covering but because your family consistently steps on it, it is bound to get dirty very fast.

When it comes to cleaning a rug, it is not a joke because it is a breathtaking task. Singapore is a place where everyone is busy trying to make ends meet thus sparing little time to concentrate on home chores. That should not give you the freedom of ignoring dirty stuff at your home. Luckily, there is a rug cleaning service which can come to your rescue. You just need to know when to call them and they will clean whatever type of rug or carpet you have. The sad thing is that there are several rug cleaning companies in Singapore but not all of them will meet your standards. Really? Yes it is hence but you need to consider yourself lucky because you have found our rug cleaning service which tops because of the following reasons;

Protection Treatment

We don’t just clean your rugs using ordinary detergent. Our cleaners have the technology to make sure that once they are done with the cleaning, they will protect your rug fiber against dirt such as oil which can damage it. The protection layer left on your rug is invisible hence there is nothing to worry about its new look. If it happens that you spill any liquid such as alcohol or waste from your pets, worry no more because we will have keep it safe against such damages.

Express Service

There comes a time when you have a dirty rug and you need it to be cleaned fast and delivered back to you immediately maybe because you are expecting some visitors. With our rug cleaning service your situation has been taken care of. You can advocate the task to us and it won’t take more than 48 hours before it clean and sparkling ready to be set on your floor.

Scented Options

Why should your rug have the same natural smell that it came with when you first bought it? You should know that its original smell may not be a scent applied to it but that which it acquired from other stuff in the dealer’s store. With our team of professional rug cleaners, we will not just make it clean but even apply a scent of your own choice. We do understand that Singaporeans may have different likes and preferences when it comes to scent options and that is why we are giving you the freedom to choose from an array of them.

Special Formula

Your mats and rugs are prone to virus and bacterial infestation due to the exposed nature. Your pet or your shoe can transfer these microorganisms from one place to the rug and this will be a health hazard to the house occupants. That is nothing to worry about because we do have special formula to make sure that these microorganisms are eradicated for good. You should remember that protection is better than curing hence we can even deodorize your rugs.

Good References

You may find that some rug cleaning companies in Singapore boast about their services yet no one else is doing that on their behalf. With our rug cleaning company we won’t tell you that we are the best but your friends will. Just ask anyone who has enjoyed our services and he/she will rightfully advice you to try us because of our awesome job. If you read our online reviews you will realize that our services just sell us naturally. All our clients are always a happy lot and that is why they will like others to be part and parcel of the bandwagon.


We are not the fast to start rug cleaning service in Singapore but we can say that we are among the pioneers when it comes to maintaining a wide range of fabrics. Our team of rug cleaners are not handpicked but well trained to meet customer’s demand. We do understand that your rug, mat or carpet cost you a lot of money and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to protect it for good.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

If you don’t keep up with new technology, you will be a friend to the dark. What are we saying? All that we want you to understand is that in past years, the technology used for rug cleaning is not the same as that in use today. Our company understands that and that’s why we always adapt new technologies for cleaning your fabrics. There is no day we shall leave a spot on your rug because there is no method of getting rid of it. Just give us the job and we shall deliver beyond your expectation.

Customer Service

Is there a day your called your service provider and there was no response? If there is one thing that can annoy a client it’s this one. Our staff is always ready to listen to your queries and make sure that you are satisfied. If you gave us a job and expect it to be done by a particular time, just know that we will never disappoint.

Pick and Delivery Service

As we mentioned briefly at the start, residents of Singapore are always busy with their jobs thus having less time to do side jobs. Our rug cleaning company understands that and that is why our van will always arrive at your specified location to pick your stuff. If you want them delivered at your home that is something we always do.

These are what you should expect from our rug cleaning company in Singapore which is not the same case with other companies. If you have any comment or complain, just let us know and we shall be proud to be of your service.


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