What To Know About Rug Cleaning

Rugs in normal situations require regular cleaning from dirt blockers. I know in Singapore you will not miss carpet cleaning companies but it is also important for you to have some knowledge on rug cleaning. As opposed to carpets, rugs usually need a more gentle approach when it comes to cleaning. It is also important to note that fiber or the weave of the rug is what determines the best and the most effective method of cleaning to use. The method of rug cleaning for your carpets may seem to be time-consuming but it has a great advantage for you in that the texture and the fabric of your carpet and rug will always be kept intact. From the Singaporean offices to residential houses, rug cleaning has been found to be the most convenient method for cleaning. Though this is the case, dirty rugs are a great threat to human health and even to the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is an important thing to clean your rug each time after use.

Rug Cleaning

What To Know About Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning might sound to be a simple thing but that is not the case. There are things that you need to know concerning rug cleaning and below are facts about the process.

i. Involves Treatment

Rug cleaning cannot be effective without treatment with a product for stain removal. Though right from the time of manufacture rugs are given protection, as time passes by, this wears out. It is, therefore, salient to redo the rug protection after every deep rug cleaning. You can always do this by yourself at home without the involvement of a professional but again if you are not comfortable with that you can hire a professional.

In most of the rug cleaning solutions, there are harmful chemicals and detergents that are involved. This looks threatening but you need not worry because you can use the readily available alternatives like baking powder. In most of the Singaporean houses, this cannot lack. Baking powder has proven to be effective and also cheap, making it suitable for those with tight budgets.

To apply baking powder for rug-treatment, put a small amount of the detergent on the stain. You can then add a little water before leaving the rug to dry. Hoover up the powder residue then expects the stain to have been carried away by the residue. If the stain looks to be serious, perform some little scrubbing with baking powder then add a little water before leaving the rug to dry. Repeat the last procedure then the rug is expected to be clean.

Rug Cleaning

ii. Involves Caution

While cleaning the rug, it is important to note that not the same dirt is on both the sides of the rug. Therefore, a precaution needs to be taken so that a lot of water goes not to the back of the rug. If you are in doubt, you can test a small section of the rug before you can continue with the cleaning.

iii. Can Involve An Expert

Depending on how tight your budget is, for thorough cleaning of your dirty rugs, it may require that you involve an expert professional. This becomes applicable when you lack the confidence to handle the process by yourself. However, if you feel that your budget is so tight, apply home- made techniques that involve different household tools.

iv. Needs To Be Done Regularly

For you to keep the texture and the fabric of your rug, it is advisable that you do rug cleaning on a regular basis. This maintenance may include ordinary dusting using either a cotton cloth or a duster. This maintenance may also involve proper shaking of rugs on a regular basis.

How To Clean Dirty Rugs Effectively

Rug cleaning is something that you can either do on your own or by hiring Singapore Carpet Cleaning Company. Hiring a professional expert is necessary where you do not have all the confidence to approach the task. The truth of the matter is that the professionals usually use more advanced options in stain removal from your rug. They know the best way to apply pressure cleaning procedures to ensure that the rug is clean and at the same time, the fabric is kept intact.

Before cleaning any dirty rug, it is important that you are prepared always. You might not be knowing but you are usually ready for the program. Some of the tools that you need to be manned with always include white vinegar, baby wipes, and paper towels. Just from your kitchen, you can form an effective rug solution by mixing a spoon of white vinegar with a mug of hot water. You can then apply the solution over the stain by blotting it and the stain will be gone.

Rug Cleaning

If the stain has not dried up, you can apply the baby wipe over the stain to blot it. The importance of doing this is that the stain is prevented from spreading to other parts and it is lightened too. If you have just spilled some tea stain on your new rug, worry not. It is here that papers towels are effective. Simply rub excess liquid from the towel. The trick is that the paper towels absorb the extra liquid preventing the stain from getting worse.

After applying the following three tools, that is, paper towels, baby wipes, and white vinegar, you can go ahead and apply the baking powder. The trick in rug cleaning is to think creatively and make use of the available resources at your home to do the cleaning rather than panicking when such unexpected moments of stains occur.

The most important point to note before rug cleaning is the kind of stain on the rug. The most common stains that Singaporeans experience in their rooms or offices includes coffee or tea stains, red wine spills, grease stains and chewing gums. Though coffee can be a favorite drink for most Singaporeans, it might give you a hard time with your rugs. If you spill coffee on your rug, try to mop it immediately then rub the surface with warm water that contains carpet shampoo. Once the stain is dry, dab it with warm water and glycerine in the same ratio that is one to one ratio. For ink stains, alcohol can be perfect for the cleaning.

Grease stains may be intolerable to you since it seems to be impossible to remove. It is simple, do not panic, what you need to do is to apply baking powder or cornstarch in large amount. Brush the rug gently then you can leave it overnight and do some vacuum cleaning the following day. Most people becomes very bitter when their children drop chewing gums on the carpet or rugs. Do not get annoyed since the solution is so simple, what you need to do is to apply some ice on the gum to harden it. You can then apply white spirit over the gum residue then rinse using cold water.

This is the simple procedure to clean your rug effectively, however, it is vital that you have a rug restoration service to check your rug at least once in two years. For the restoration and check-ups of your rug, leave it to the professionals with the required skills. The trick with rug cleaning is to know the appropriate way of reacting when a stain spills on your rug. With the knowledge gotten from this article, you can now boast to have enough idea on rug cleaning.

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