Tips to Treat Water Damaged Carpet in The Best Way

Till now, you must be wondering about restoring your carpet from wine stains, odor control, and pet urine. Well, you have undoubtedly missed out one of the most common problems of all that can occur anytime and that is water damage. It is not about water spillages on a particular portion of your carpet. Instead, it is about your carpet getting entirely flooded by water.

Water Damaged Carpet

The reasons for such a massive level of water damage can be many. The reasons for such loss can start from a flood to a pure water pipe leakage. However, you are required to take quick action to restore the fabric of your carpet to make sure it remains intact resisting the impact of water.

But, what are the quick steps that you can take for restoration? Well, you may decide to take some DIY steps but before that consider it mandatory to talk with the experts of carpet steam cleaning in Singapore who have experience of dealing with situations and revive the carpet in the quickest time possible.

Now, read on to find out some of the most effective solutions, in this case, to make sure the right steps are taken on your part at the initial stages.

• Carry out a thorough inspection

Don't panic! You have to do a lot of work beforehand to make sure you can give the professionals an assessment when they arrive. Inspect the source of the water and if it is caused by any household leakage, try to fix it up as soon as possible.

• Move the furniture to a safe house

Well, once caught in the carpet, the water damage can spread to the upholstery and damage the wooden furniture as well. To prevent it from happening, you are required to move the furniture to a dry room or someplace else as soon as you can. Don't forget to wipe the areas with a dry piece of cloth to make nothing is wet.

Water Damaged Carpet

• Try to extract the excess water

You have to soak out the water from the carpet. Use paper towels and blotting elements that can remove the water fast. In the case you find out that the entire room is flooded with water, make sure you call up the professionals or go through the YouTube videos to understand the exact process of wiping out too much water at the same time.

• Let it dry and avoid contact until the time

Once the excess water is drained out, and you are planning to let it dry for some time, make sure that you can avoid stepping your feet on the carpet. It will eventually slow down the process of drying up.

• Use chemical cleanser and shampoo for water damage

Chemical cleaners and shampoos are the best two products to be used for restoring the carpet after water damage. Following this particular step is necessary for preventing mold build up and other fungi formation on the carpet. The cleansers can be used as the deodorizers as well as disinfectants to make sure your house remains free from bacterial attack after the water issue is resolved.

• Ask the professional experts

The best way to make sure your carpet is being restored in its perfect condition by calling up the experts who use the best carpet steam cleaner in Singapore . They know how you can make sure that the carpet fabric gets its natural lush and remain free from water damage.

Wet Carpet Restoration Methods

People buy carpets to decorate their living space and their office. Although it is a small investment, proper maintenance is the most important factor in maintaining quality. A beautiful and well-kept carpet not only enhances the beauty of the room but also offers a lot of comfort after a long and hectic day.

If there are pets and children inside your room the rugs will get filthy very fast. So it is essential to follow a frequent cleaning procedure to ensure hygiene inside your residence. Another unhealthy situation is wet carpet condition. Flooded water from pipes, torrential rain, overflowed washing machine, can cause your rug to get wet. Lots of problems may arise if this water damaged condition is not treated. Professional carpet cleaning companies offer various cleaning services including, repairing, patching, restoring wet rugs, invisible mending, rug cleaning, and water damage restorations.

Water Damaged Carpet

Here we have discussed different methods of wet carpet restoration:

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is very commonly applied to wet rugs. Sometimes to remove the tea or coffee stain or to remove stain caused by juice this method is applied. It is an effective process to remove mildew and molds from the rug. Cleaning solutions are combined with hot water and then heated up to a temperature which helps to generate steam that helps to dissolve the stain. It is recommended to purchase a carpet steamer if you have children and pets inside your house. But only a professional cleaner will provide a deep cleaning.

Wet cleaning method

While following this method you have to dry it completely without wasting time. If the moisture is not removed from the carpet mildew, mold and bacteria will grow on it. Turn on the ceiling fan and air conditioner inside your room to remove the excess water from the rug. Usually, rugs have a natural quality to absorb water. So you can also use a wet vacuum cleaner until it is dried up completely. Even if you discover molds and bacteria after it is dried apply vinegar to prevent the further growth.

Dry Cleaning Method

In this method, some dry powders and moisture are used to carry out the cleaning job. After that, a special cleaning machine is used which is provided with rotating brushes and is mainly applied for scrubbing the carpets. Within a few minutes, the powder sucks up all the dirt and then a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is used to absorb the entire solution. But before applying the chemicals it is important to consider the material of the rug. To avoid any kind of damage to the carpet it is recommended to use the commonly used chemicals. Dry foam method is very commonly used for cleaning the domestic carpets. Foaming agents are spread over the rug and then the vacuum is used to extract it.

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