How To Remove Smoke Odor From Carpets?

Whether, it be from damages caused by fire, or cigarette smoke, or sometimes, burned food, the insidious types of smoke odors, can easily enter and permeate each and every inch of the house, especially in carpets. The carpets contain fibers and the padding, contains, material that easily attract smoke. When the smoke stench gets stuck, extracting it can be extremely difficult. In case you are dealing with various types of smoke odors inside your house in Singapore, and are confused and worried about how to remove smoke odor from carpets? There is no need to worry there are plenty of solutions to your problems.


Types of Smoke odors
There are many types of smoke odors that can leave your carpet smelling bad, following are some:

Smoke odor from cigarettes

Smoke emanating from cigarettes and cigars can be extremely invasive and offensive and very harmful. the first from your carpet , step to take , when you bothered by the smell of cigarettes is to formulate , a baking soda based powder for deodorizing the awful smell coming from the carpet . The good thing of applying a formula of baking soda on the carpet is that it does not affect the material adversely. The formula , consist of mixing a little dried lavender , inside of a special mixing bowl and introducing a large quality of baking soda inside of it . Then all you have to do is to sprinkle the mixture over every square inch of your carpet. The ideal time to do this is to sprinkle the ingredients on the carpet just before bedtime. Leaving it to dry for a couple of hours is highly beneficial for the elimination process of the odor. Vacuum it first thing in the morning to efficiently solve your problem.

Smoke odor from fire damages

Smoke odor caused by fire damages can be extremely difficult to overcome. However, like any other daunting task, you have to take the first step. The first step in this case, is removing of the unbearable smoke odor from the carpet. The type of cleaning method used to clean the odor depends on the type of the smoke that created it in the first place. In case the fire happened to emit dry particles, dry or wet smoke, protein and fuel particles in addition to residue from fire extinguisher machines, it is ideal to call in professional help. However alternately, you can spray a combination of ammonia and a bucket of water in the target area, and then vacuum the surface after a few hours, to create a special deodorizing effect. however , one should remember , that ammonia can burn and hurt the eyes once it gets in , so it is beneficial to wear gloves , or have enough ventilation in terms of open windows and doors in case you have lots of cleaning to do.

Remove Odors

Smoke odor from Burnt food

Burnt food can cause a lot of issues for the users by smelling and emitting foul smelling odors. This is highly undesirable and totally a bad option to have especially when a guest is over. That is why, for simplicity, the do it yourself technique of dried lavender and baking soda is an effective way to remove the odors. However , for more comprehensive results , you should go ahead and properly set three nig bowls of pre distilled vinegar , preferably white in an around the targeted , area , for the absorption of odor . However, for more specific results, you can go ahead and spray the targeted area or use blotched vinegar dipped cloth and wipe the area. Let the carpet absorb the vinegar for a total of five minutes and then use cold clean water to rinse it properly. Finally, use a dry cloth to absorb the rest of the wetness. However, if you are allergic, to the pungent smelling vinegar all you can do to eliminate it is to add some vanilla to the bowl.

The process of professional fire odor removal

You might be wondering, how to remove smoke odor from carpets? The simple answer to this complicated question is, hire professional help. When you first hire a professional, the first thing that he will do is to ascertain the root cause of the odor emanating from the carpet. They will then salvage out any remaining residue from the carpet responsible for the emanating of the odor. Sometimes when a residue causing the smell remains in the carpet for too long, it is difficult to extract. They will then physically remove of any substances that create the smell of smoke in the carpet. Since, the source of the smoke odor can be airborne sometimes; the professionals might use a deodorizing natured mist that is a chemical compound capable of tackling the problem from the air. The professionals will then go on to seal and cordon off any area that they deep unfit to be kept out in the open for fear of contracting the Smokey odor. The necessary experience, and the certifications held by smoke odor removal professionals is sure to provide the best results.

Smoke Odors

The purpose of Odor Removal companies

The main purpose of hiring odor extraction companies is not for them to mask the smell, instead to neutralize it at the source and in the walls and in the air. The ideal odor removal service, should indeed be clean, natural and non toxic, and should effectively eliminate the smell of odor. The professionals who come to remove the odor, should not deodorizers, or air or ozone type of fresheners, which are effective to only mask the odor temporarily. Ideally the odor removal services should include a comprehensive odor removal technique, which can permanently eliminate the smell by attacking it at its roots at the molecular level. Most important of all, the odor removal treatment should be an environmentally clean process and should leave your carpet smelling clean and very fresh. This answers, the question of how to remove smoke odor from carpets?

Safety tips

It is important to hire experts to do your smell removal from your carpet for you. However, if you are alone, always open the windows and doors to create ventilation and always read the instructions on the back of the bottle of chemical solutions. Always use gloves while handling toxic cleaning chemicals.

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