How To Remove Juice Stains From Carpet?

Carpets are aesthetic décor for our living spaces and can improve your interior decoration besides providing several other advantages that include less effort spent in housekeeping and protecting your floors. However, they take up all the stains, dirt and wear that your floor would otherwise suffer. In order to maintain your carpet and continue enjoying its service for a longer time, you must protect it from stains. Juice stains are the most notorious when it comes to carpet cleaning. While they are easy to clean (when done immediately), people often oversight them leaving such stains for the next time you are cleaning your living room. When the stain dries on the carpet, it becomes much harder to remove. Nonetheless, there are various easy ways of removing juice stains from your carpet. Here are a few insights to help you:

Cleaning Carpet

• Wipe off stains as soon as you notice them –

Letting juice stains and other kinds of stains to dry on your carpet will only make cleaning more difficult. You should make a habit of cleaning off small stains as soon as you notice them especially if they are caused by spills. Carpets tend to absorb the liquid spills and the chemical content in the spill may interact with the carpet fibers. Letting spills linger and dry on the carpet may cause irreversible stains and you may have to spend more money in professional cleaning services.

• Keep a dump carpet-cleaning cloth somewhere near –

Keeping a dump cloth somewhere around the house can help you quickly wipe off stains. Many people simply let stains linger much longer when they cannot find the right cleaning cloth or equipment. Having a dedicated carpet cleaning cloth is a good way to ensure any spill is taken care off as soon as it is noticed. Make sure the cloth is soaked on some detergent and not just water since juice stains contain acid that may interact with the carpet fibers.

• Use the right cleaning equipment –

Before you begin cleaning, you must know the type of carpet you have, its fibers and recommended cleaning agents. Not all cleaning solutions and detergents are perfect for all carpets. When purchasing your carpet, find out the right cleaning agents to buy and have them together with your laundry cleaning agents.

Carpet Stains

• Consider professional cleaning –

When you have difficult carpet stains that do not come out even after wiping with a cleaning agent, it is time to consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services. In sophisticated nations like Singapore, finding a business that specializes in cleaning carpets and household fabrics should not be a daunting task. These companies have profound experience in carpet cleaning requirements and procedures. They can get rid of any type of stain without compromising the quality and aesthetic beauty of your household accessory.

What to look for in carpet cleaning companies

The last resort to removing carpet stains is hiring a professional company that deals with carpet cleaning. If you do not have the time to take care of your carpet for any given reason, then such companies can be of great help to maintaining your carpet. There are several such businesses in the market and landing one should take the least time. However, not all companies you run into will depict desirable quality standards and professionalism. While some do not have the capacity and experience to meet your requirements, others are simply too expensive and others offer cheap quality unreliable services. It is therefore important to take sufficient time in keenly reviewing the offers before spending your money. Fortunately, there are various hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish top carpet cleaning companies from the rest. Some of the things to look for in a carpet cleaning company include the following:

• Business reputation –

The easiest way to tell if any given product/service or business will meet your requirements is to gauge its reputation. Companies and services that have consistently met client needs will definitely have a good reputation in that locality. You can always go through the comments, opinions, reviews and testimonials of previous clients to learn from their experiences. Expert reviews and referrals are another way to gauge reputation.

Remove Stains

• Business experience –

Although there are several new carpet cleaning businesses that are capable of offering high quality services, it is often still advisable to check out what the long-serving companies have to offer. These companies have many years of experience and probably profound knowledge from their years in the industry. They also have streamlined service delivery frameworks perfected over the years and are better suited to serve you. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that all experienced companies will deliver high quality services. You must therefore consider all the other aspects.

• Quality assurance and guarantees –

When looking for carpet cleaning companies ensure they offer quality service guarantees including provisions for redoing the assignment in case they do not meet agreed standards the first time. They should also have insurance policies that protect your carpets from damages and use of harmful cleaning agents. There are several other minor considerations including quotes, business flexibility and customer service. They should be able to clean your carpets and deliver them back to you at convenient times. With modern online business transition, most carpet cleaning companies already own professionally built websites where details of their offer is provided. You can simply search for businesses close to your area and then use the above insights to narrow down to that which offers reliable quality and the most affordable price.


Stained carpets can cause eye-sores to anyone visiting your home and they will immediately feel the euphoria of filthiness and ill-hygiene. Stains do not only look bad, they make you feel bad and unsafe in the area since they are associated with bacteria and germs. This is why you should ensure your carpets are sparkling clean at all times. If you cannot get rid of the stain using simple cleaning procedures, then consider consulting professionals who have experience in handling such stains. It is advisable to use the services of credible licensed businesses that are allowed to operate within the area. This will give you the guarantee of high quality services and top customer service.

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SingaporeCarpetCleaning.com - Your one stop solution for all types Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

Your one stop solution for all types Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

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