How To Handle Flooded Carpet

When the flood destroys a house, shops or an office, the first thing that comes to mind when things return to the system is to clean those carpets. Carpets that Flooded in Singapore are not uncommon, and many professionals will help you restore the beauty of your carpet. There are many ways in which the carpet can be affected by water. The first thing is to check how much damage the water can cause. Sometimes, the flooding may be small enough to deal with alone. At other times, it may be more than you can handle. That is the moment you will have to call the experts. Professionals must be brought without any doubt, especially if it is old carpets or a rare hand carpet.

Flooded Carpet

Know where the damage came from

If carpet flooding is due to rain and flood water, it should be thoroughly cleaned. The sad thing about rainwater is that it mostly transports dirt, earth, and mud. That is an extreme case, but you want to make sure it is handled correctly, and that is what happened to your basement.

If there is little water from a leaking tube or a person pouring a jar, you should be able to use a dry carpet to take care of most of them. Surely having a high power fan in the affected area for a few hours will help eliminate a lot of excess moisture.

Get help

If your warehouse has been registered in the water for floodwater, rainwater or wastewater reserves, you may require a professional cleaner to assist you. The water may have been soaked all the way through the carpet to the base floor. In that case, you may need to remove the carpet and dry the base of the floor for several days with a high-power fan. The only way you will know is that someone comes and does it for you and is much trained in how to handle that situation.

If the damage caused by the water is severe and not appropriately treated, you face the risk of mold growth in the months after the storm. That can create an entirely new problem and can devalue your home to a large extent. Having a professional technician take care of it will reduce the chances of water damage that can cause problems in the coming months.

Tell the truth

When the professionals decide to work on your carpet, they will ask you about the water source. That is very important since you will need to determine what type of water the carpet got. The kind of flooding that can happen with rain is very different from that caused by the explosion of the pipeline or the lake water through which it can spill. If the contaminated water has touched your carpet and was based on foam, it should be discarded. If they are not based on foam, professionals can work on cleaning it.

Flooded Carpet

Many people will feel that they are forced to clean the carpet themselves, but it is better to leave that to the professionals. You have to understand that there are several reasons for that. There are more urgent things that you need to attend regarding housing repairs. With professionals off the carpet, you can get more work at home.


Carpet owners feel less anxious now, and will feel reassured knowing that with advances in technology and equipment up to the market, the carpet, even those that have been saturated with water, can not only save but will be returned to look good Like new As long as they are alert and act quickly.

Protect your carpet

If the carpet is allowed to remain damp and wet for a long time, the result will be that the carpet fibers will begin to rot. Also, mold will start to appear. You may still be able to keep your carpet, but opportunities diminish every day. If you live in an area with warm weather and the carpet can leave the area flooded by direct sunlight, there is the possibility of keeping your rug without excessive damage in the long term.

Give your carpet time to dry

However, keep in mind that the carpet soaked in water will weigh four or five times more than when it was dry, and to get it out in the sun you will need the help of other people. Do not try to handle everything on your own and end up twisting or pulling muscles. As an expert and professional carpet engineer, I have known that many families do it and that it turns out to be much cheaper for them.

Flooded Carpet

Discover what type of carpet you have

Many new carpets are designed not to absorb excess water. If you have that type of carpet, you will be glad you did. If you do not, you may consider replacing your old carpet with a waterproof one. That is particularly true if you live in an area prone to frequent flooding.

Damage the water in your basement carpet and be very problematic. The important thing is to know when and when not to take care of yourself. If the damage is severe enough, be sure to consult the appropriate specialist. It may cost more, but you will be glad you did.


When looking for carpet flood specialists, be sure to find them well. That means that they must have recognized credentials. They should also use cleaning products that have been certified in green. If you have already done business in your area, find out how they did it and the opinions of the people who worked with them. Depending on the type and extent of the damage that has occurred, you should consider options to maintain your carpet with minimal discomfort and alteration. There may be situations when you need no alternative but to call the insurance company to determine if the damage to your record is so severe that it cannot be repaired and will pay the money to replace the carpet. Therefore, it is also essential to consult the insurance agent of your home before the crisis of mats that flood.

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