How To Clean Staircase Carpet?

Having carpet on your staircase is a good way of increasing the aesthetic value of your house. Also, it can increase the safety as well. It can reduce the sound that people create while going up or down in the stairs. It can give so many amazing benefits to you, but everything comes with some problem as well and staircase carpet is not different here. When you try to clean it, then you get a lot of troubles and some time you fail to clean it properly. Mostly people get this kind of problem because they do not know how to clean staircase carpet. In case, you are in same dilemma, then following are some suggestions that can help you in this requirement with ease.


Do the sweeping:

For cleaning your staircase carpet, you should start with removal of large debris and pieces using a scrub brush or stiff broom. This option can help you remove the bigger particle with ease and when you do this, then make sure you pay minute attention to the corner and edges. These are those places where debris and bigger object get stuck and you find it hard to remove it. So, make sure you do not ignore the edges or corner area. Apart from this, it is also important you start the cleaning from top and you sweep to the bottom. That simple thing will reduce your trouble and you will not need to clean the same staircase again and again.

Use vacuum cleaner:

This is not a secret that you need to use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your carpet. But it is also important that you use right kind attachment for same. Ideally, you should use a cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with a brush in it. If you don’t have the cordless one, then you can use the regular vacuum cleaner with this attachment. It will stuck all the dirt and dust from your staircase carpet and you will be able to clean it more effectively.

Carpet Cleaning

Shampoo it:

you can remove dirt and dust using vacuumed cleaner and you can remove the debris, with a broom. But if you have some kind of soil deposition on it or if you have some kind of stains in it, then you can’t clean wit without shampoo. For better cleaning of your staircase carpet, you must use a good quality carpet shampoo and apply it with brush. If you notice some dirtier area, then make sure you pay special attention to that area and you remove it completely. Also, make sure you start it with top staircase and you go toward the bottom one while cleaning the carpet.

Wash the shampoo:

Once you shampoo the carpet of one staircase, make sure you clean it with water and you absorb the water as well. This will make sure your carpet is good enough to walk as soon as possible and you will not make it dirty again in the process of washing or drying. For drying the excess water, you can use a wet dry vacuum cleaner. This wet dry vacuum cleaner will suck extra water and it will help you get a dry carpet in less time. If you don’t have this wet dry vacuum cleaner, then you can use some absorbent towel for that. This drying is very important because if you will leave it wet, then it can become the home of mold or other kind of contamination and you may have an unhealthy house.

Clean Staircase Carpet

Let it air dry:

This is a very important step that you must follow to clean your staircase carpet before using it. You may absorb most of the water from your carpet, but you can do it only with a certain extend. Apart from that extend, you will have to let it air dry only and that will take some time. In a good condition, it may take up to 24 hours, and minimum it will take 12 hours. So, it is advised that you follow this simple thing to let it air dry. If you will give good time for the drying, then you will not have to worry about the same and you will get good result as well. If you notice, it need some more time to air dry completely, then you should not ignore the same and you should give few more hours before you go to the next step.

Do the vacuuming again:

This is the last step that you have to do for cleaning of your staircase carpet. Once your cleaned carpet is air dried, then you should use the vacuum cleaner again and you should clean it again. That is a very important step and you should not miss that in any condition. When you will use a vacuum cleaner, then it can remove all the extra dust and dirt that might have deposited on it during the drying time. This will also give a shine to your carpet and you will have fluffy carpet. Sometime people ignore this last step and because of that mistake their carpet bristles remain flat and it gives a bad look and comfort to you. So, make sure you do not make the mistake that other make and you do the vacuuming after drying it as well.

It is also important that you vacuum your staircase carpet on daily basis. That daily vacuuming will not allow the deposition of dirt, dust or soil and it will also reduce the chances or wear and tear in your carpet. Also, you can follow the above cleaning process once in a month and if that is not possible, you can extend the time to 45 days. However, you should not extend the time more than that because continue deposition of dirt and dust will cause more issue to your carpet and you will not be able to clean it properly after sometime. Also, you can think about using steam cleaning as well, but I would suggest you take experts help and opinion for that.

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SingaporeCarpetCleaning.com - Your one stop solution for all types Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

Your one stop solution for all types Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

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