Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

The type of carpet cleaning method that you choose for either your home or business premises all depends on a number of factors. These can include time, price, local availability of services and efficiency of different methods.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

In busy cities such as Singapore, businesses can be hard pressed to choose from the wide variety of services available, and will need to know which professional carpet cleaning service can best meet their particular needs. With prices driven down by high competition in the Singapore area, it can be confusing for businesses trying to determine the quality of the service they will receive.

With business professionals being busier than ever, they also need to be assured that hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can deliver them the results they want in the time frame that they require. They also may be looking to establish a trusted relationship with a high quality carpet cleaning provider to ensure that their needs are met on a regular basis.

All this said, there are several important points to consider before choosing a company offering a particular method of cleaning.

Services generally offer one or several of five different types of cleaning service, and your choice will obviously depend on the variety available in your local area as well as the methods most appropriate for the carpets on your business premises or in your home.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

The most inefficient method is probably cleaning a carpet with liquid detergents such as carpet shampoo. Using this method, the professional carpet cleaning service will apply the detergents to your carpet and then agitate the surface with the help of a machine. After this, the shampoo and the dirt that it has extracted are removed by vacuuming.

This method can eave a carpet looking and smelling fresh, but does not provide the really deep clean of other methods, and can leave bacteria deeply ingrained in your carpet.

There is a technique called the bonnet method which is usually only used on business premises, and does not work well in residential homes. This is mainly because it is also unable to provide the deep cleaning that many home owners require, but it can significantly improve the look of industrial carpets. A chemical detergent is used in the bonnet method.

For professional carpet cleaning in the home and office, two popular and very efficient methods are those of foam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning. The dry cleaning method is a popular one because it uses a practical dry detergent that attaches itself to bacteria and dirt in the carpet and can be easily vacuumed away.

The foam carpet cleaning method is a mix between the dry cleaning method and the shampoo method. It works by using water and foam detergent that are worked into the carpet with the help of a machine. Again, the foam and water are thoroughly vacuumed away once they have done their work and extracted dirt and microbes from the carpet.

Finally, the most efficient method of professional carpet cleaning is that of steam cleaning. By using a combination of very hot water and detergent, a powerful machine is able to penetrate any carpet and remove deeply ingrained bacteria and soil.

When you are considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, it is imperative to consider which of these methods will work best for your needs. You will then be better informed about which professional company to choose to carry out the cleaning for you.

Whether given the variety of choice of services that a country like Singapore can offer, or just a couple of methods available in your rural community, you can be sure that there are many reputable professional cleaning services out there who are ready to help you renew and refresh the carpets on your business premises.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Tips for Effortless Carpet Cleaning.

Out of all of our housekeeping duties, many of us dread carpet cleaning the most! Usually a tiresome, back-breaking experience, it is a task that is far from pleasant. Unfortunately, dirty, dusty carpets are not only unsightly - they are bad for your health, too. Thankfully, here are some carpet cleaning tips that are sure to result in fresh, odour-free carpeting, with minimal hassle and effort:

-Clean your carpets in the morning.
Not only will you have the strength and motivation to get it done first thing, but it will also give it plenty of time to dry. Dampness can trap mould and odours, so be sure to open as many windows and doors as possible to speed the process along.

-If you spill something, dab at the stain in order to remove it.
If you attempt to rub it away, you will only cause it to spread further.

-Struggling with persistent mould and mildew?
Clean rugs and mats with a mixture of lemon juice and salt before using a conventional cleaning product to finish the job.

-In order to ensure perfectly maintained carpeting, steam cleaning on a regular basis is a must.
This method ensures that the fibres are deeply penetrated and that old dirt and dust has been lifted and properly removed.

-Vacuum at least every second day. In doing so, you will make your life a lot easier and will only have to deep clean your carpets every few months or so. Vacuum cleaners are wonderful for combating dust build-up on the surface of the fibres and, as a result, help to minimise the symptoms of those who suffer from allergies and hay fever.

-One obstacle when it comes to washing rugs and mats is that of persistent odour.
If you have pets who spend a lot of time indoors, this odour is sure to remain even after a thorough wash. There's no need to keep Fido locked outside, however! There are three simple ways in which to remove the foul smell for good:

-Sprinkle baking soda on the affected areas and leave to sit for 24 hours before vacuuming it up.
-Clean the rug with white vinegar.
-Clean the rug with lemon juice and water.

The secret to making the carpet cleaning process as simple as possible is to engage in daily maintenance - vacuuming, dealing with spills and stains immediately, and placing a welcome mat at your front door to avoid mud and sand being tracked into your home, for instance. In doing so, when the time finally does come for a deep wash, it won't be nearly as taxing as you thought it would be!

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