Carpet Steaming Cleaning VS Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Steaming Cleaning VS Carpet Shampoo written by: prettykitty Carpet flooring is a popular choice since it is highly versatile, from providing comfort to promoting safety, and creating clean air throughout your place towards your better health. There are almost limitless possibilities of customizing how your home or office space will look! There's a myriad of styles, textures, colors and all sorts of patterns. Proper care is a must if you wish to enjoy its beauty and long-lasting benefits.

As much as there are various attractive designs, different carpets possess different types of fibers or fabric material used. Normal wear and tear can be expected, but the fact that it traps minute particles circulated within the surroundings including soil, oils and spills, heavy dirt, and any other build up can shorten the life of your beautiful carpet floor. Hence, extensive cleaning should be performed by means of utilizing the right techniques to prevent damaging it, only to end up much worse than a dirty carpet. 

Achieve healthy indoor living with an utterly clean carpet for your peace of mind as well. The appropriate tools will be used, and the highest quality and most efficient way of deep cleaning will be executed, such as carpet steaming and carpet shampooing. Now, what is the difference between these two effective methods?

Carpet Steaming

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet steaming is also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning, which is one reliable method of carpet cleaning that utilizes high pressured hot water that eventually dissolves in the carpet. This kind of equipment sprays the water solution over the carpet, made up of cleaning agents designed to forcefully loosen and remove dirt. During this process, your carpet is basically agitated with the use of a firm yet gentle brush attached to the powerful vacuum system wherein dirt and moisture are guaranteed to be extracted. 

The carpet cleaning equipment can be rented, but if you are not sure on the proper way to steam a carpet, then it would be a wise decision to hire professionals. Their expertise and experience can give you assurance that they definitely know what they are doing and can have the job done without any inconvenience on your part. After steam cleaning, your carpet must be dried thoroughly to prevent any damage on it that can be due to the water. Experts will likewise implement the best ways that promote a rapid drying process towards time efficiency and minimal hassle at your home or office.

This carpet cleaning technique is deemed the most effective way since it removes the most stubborn and you thought were already permanent stains. Carpet steaming likewise clears mildew, carpet beetles, and carpet bugs. Molds, dust mites, and bacteria are dealt with and eliminated, rendering your carpet free from allergens which secure a healthy environment at your place. This method greatly helps in maintaining your carpet and grants you the highest quality of life you and your family, or employees at work surely deserve! Allergies are defined as a medical condition that causes a person to be sick, mainly triggered by the body's immune response to certain substances, and nobody wishes to experience it. If you have a family member who is an allergy sufferer, then carpet steaming is undoubtedly the best option for cleaning your carpet which can significantly lessen attacks and provide quick relief to its symptoms.

The effectiveness of this technique mainly depends on the power capacity and quality of the machine you have rented or used by your chosen carpet cleaning company. As mentioned earlier, different carpets are crafted from various kinds of fabric and materials, so carpet steaming cleaning involves the use of the most suitable water temperature that will not harm your carpet the slightest bit. Moreover, choosing this method lets you gain all the benefits of a clean carpet and get to keep its beautiful form over time.

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Shampooing
This method of carpet cleaning is also commonly referred to as foam extraction. It entails the use of a foamy chemical, then the carpet is allowed to dry afterwards. Carpet shampoos are infused with brighteners too, which bestows your carpet a nice and neat brighter appearance that makes it definitely more attractive. A dull carpet will be given much-needed rejuvenation and life, and give off a fresh-smelling scent! The detergents typically contain lubricants which exhibit excellent care for the carpet during the process to make certain that it will not cause any damage. One of the most common ingredients incorporated in these carpet shampoos is the sodium lauryl sulfate, which produces consistency of the foam when cleaning is in place. To avoid the possibility of resoiling your carpet once these detergents have been applied during carpet shampooing, anti-soiling compounds thereby serve as a resin which functions to prevent unwanted resoiling of the carpet.

The process basically makes use of a cleaning carpet shampoo that is spread over you home or office carpet by means of a motorized rotating brush. Foam is formed which deep cleans by releasing all sorts of dirt and particles from the carpet fibers. Once the carpet shampoo completely dries out, a vacuum cleaner is then operated over the fabric to ensure the removal of any residue and accumulated dirt. This also serves to vacuum off the water and secure a thoroughly dried carpet. Some professional cleaning companies may follow up with steam cleaning for an even more thorough clean.

Vacuuming is sometimes not enough to successfully accomplish the task of carpet cleaning, since it only removes the topmost layers of dirt that lingers on the surface of the carpet. Lower layers of long-time accumulated dirt in a carpet's everyday use remains stuck within it, such as grease and harmful microorganisms that cling onto it. Therefore, carpets are ideally cleaned by professionals who can ensure you with a hygienic, sanitized and disinfected place. However, it is a common misconception that carpets only require professional cleaning service when it has been badly stained and soiled and appears to be in its most unsightly state. Cleaning, whether through carpet steaming or carpet shampooing, must be regularly done to clear up even harmful microorganisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and allow your carpet to serve its purpose well to your satisfaction with a longer lifespan.

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