Can Dirty Carpet Make You Sick?

Every part of your house is essential for you and your family to have harmony and comfort while living in it. Without a doubt, this is a belief that is prevalent in most Singaporean households. This is why homeowners take the time to hire the best professional cleaners to keep their home’s cleanliness maintained. Not only does it keep your household looking fresh and beautiful, but it also serves to be a great, proactive approach to the prevention of disease within the family.

Dirty Carpet

Carpets and Their Links to Health Risks

Did you know for instance that, although carpets may seem like the innocuous home fixtures that they are, they could actually serve to make you and your family sick if they are not cleaned in an optimal manner? You may not like the fact that your exquisite carpet, which is one of the most eye-catching objects of your room and the one that ties it together, is actually a well of illness, but you have to learn to accept this fact from the moment you decide to include them as a permanent fixture.

If you’re wondering just how much of an impact a dirty carpet has on your family’s health, simply find the time to read the proven facts below:

Research has shown that filthy dust-infested carpets could have an adverse effect on you and your family’s respiratory system.
Many dirt specks and microorganisms ranging from dead cells to dust mites that thrive in the fibrous environment of your carpets could bring forth symptoms of colds and asthma once they are inhaled. You should not be any more complacent with the shallow reason that you don’t have asthma. This is because numerous studies have already proven that dirty carpets replete with dust is one of the most common causes of asthma, even if the person hasn’t shown symptoms of the said disease all his life.

Dirty Carpet

Allergies are also one of the most common ailments that one can contract from carpets that haven’t been cleaned properly.
 If you’ve found that you or one of your family members have been exhibiting symptoms of allergies for a while now, your carpet could be filled with fungi, dust, furs, which are known allergens that could bring forth an allergic reaction. Fungi develop if someone accidentally spills water on your carpet, which is undoubtedly a more common occurrence in most households than people care to admit. You should never underestimate the onset of an allergy attack as this could prove to be fatal if the reaction is powerful enough. This fact could not be more apparent in vacuum cleaners that have the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) approval as well. These cleaners are designed to optimally rid your carpet of the said elements. And know that this is just one of the tools that professional carpet cleaning companies employ.

People living with a consistently dirty carpet are more prone to various types of infections and irritations as well. This is no surprise at all if the fact that such unclean fixtures readily attract unwanted pests and bacteria would be considered. Just imagine having to put up with various skin irritations. Could you stand to endure prolonged itchiness due to rashes and fungal infections? Without a doubt, such living conditions are not at all ideal. And what’s worse that all of these negative factors and elements could add up and burden you in the form of stress. Who wouldn’t be stressed in just about any place that has unwanted, dirty aspects? And to think that all of it stem from something as seemingly minor and insignificant as a filthy carpet. What is good is that this is highly preventable by making sure that your carpets are thoroughly and properly cleaned.

Dirty Carpet

The importance of cleaning your carpet could not be more obvious in what health experts have been saying about the drastic consequences that would result from neglecting this seemingly minor yet very significant aspect of your domestic life. This could not be more evident in the points stated above. In fact, part of the reason why some households tend to shun carpets is because it could be very difficult for them to be maintained and cleaned regularly. A carpet need not be readily attributed to sickness, though, as you can only ever become sick from it if you do not care for it in the right manner. For, indeed, if you are a carpet-lover you probably won’t hesitate to agree that they really add a unique, beautifying touch to room that serves to define its overall look; to the point that you’re certain that the room would always be incomplete without it.

The question is, would you yourself be always be able to find the time to clean them? If you have a busy work schedule, this is certainly a big no-no. This only goes to show that if you are determined to have carpets remain as a perennial feature of your home, you really have to be willing to go to the lengths of keeping them clean. Of course, how you intend to do this hinges primarily on whether you have the time to clean them yourself or are willing to invest in an expert carpet cleaning service to do the job for you. We would be more than willing to recommend you to go for the latter, though, as their benefits far outweigh their long-term costs.

Let the Pros Come to Your Assistance

In the end, if you don’t have the time or effort to invest in keeping your carpet cleaned on a daily basis, then one of the smartest move that you can make is to simply hire a professional carpet-cleaning company to do all the hard and tedious work for you. Most of these companies charge reasonably uncostly prices for their services. And the fact that they could completely cross out one of your major household tasks provides more than enough reason to avail of their services. This is a sure-fire way of protecting your family from carpet-borne diseases. Any responsible homeowner, who wants only the best for his family’s health, should settle for nothing less.

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