7 Useful Tips On Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

A smart and clean carpet in the office or at your living room will change the appearance of that place. It will generate a kind of environment that is serene to live and work in. But how this carpet is cleaned is what will be making a difference. Many people have this tendency of spot cleaning the carpet or vacuuming but, over the time, it does not work. Time will be reached when the carpet will appear dull even after spot cleaning has been. At this point, you need to subject the carpet to a deep cleaning so as to restore its original look and appearance.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

There are different ways through deep carpet cleaning can be done but, they have different outcomes. To get the best out of deep carpet cleaning, these are the main tips that you can employ:

• Test for color fastness of the solution first

Deep carpet cleaning requires the use of strong detergent to remove all the notorious dirt and odor that spot cleaning can’t. Among the many mistakes that can be done while deep cleaning a carpet is the use of wrong detergents. Such detergents can cause fading of carpet color, and this will definitely make the carpet look shaggy even if it is new. Fading will also lower the lifespan of the carpet and thus you may never get value for you money at the end. Make sure that you are using the right detergents. You can test whether the detergents are right by soaking a white tile with the solution and applying it on colored area. If some color is picked up by the towel, then the solution is not safe for that carpet. If no color is picked, then you can go ahead with cleaning.

• Use the right carpet cleaning machine

Deep carpet cleaning is not a simple task and to get positive results, you need to have the right cleaning machines. There are different machines to select from whether you are renting or you are purchasing. Get a carpet cleaning machine that you are able to lift and maneuver easily as this will make the cleaning easy. If you are starting with vacuuming, you need to have the best vacuuming machine that can help to do this within the shortest time possible. If you are hiring the service of Singapore carpet cleaners, you must ensure that they have the state-of-art equipment. It is also important to test the machine on a small area of the carpet before you tackle the entire carpet. This is the only way that you can ensure that you have paid the best service, and the possible output will be excellent.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

• Time it right

Singapore has a tropical forest climate which is hot and humid most of the time. You need to adjust your deep carpet cleaning with the kinds of weather patterns being experienced. Remember that deep carpet cleaning will require the use of a lot of water, and this will be a great challenge to dry the carpet especially if it is made of wool. You need to time it right so that the carpet can be cleaned and dried at easily. The perfect time to have the carpet cleaned is when the day is less humid and hot. On such a day, the carpet will take less time to clean, and the build up of the mold and mildew will be less.

• Spot clean and pre-treat stains

Before you can engage in deep cleaning of the carpet, it will wise to start with spot cleaning and pre-treating the tough stains. Spot cleaning will help in removing some of the tough stains on specific parts of the carpet. While deep cleaning of the carpet, these areas of the deep stains might be overlooked and the result will not be that impressive. To do spot cleaning, you need to identify the dirtiest parts of the carpet and work on the first. Once the notorious dirt and the stain have been cleared to some degree, you can now start with the overall deep cleaning. This will provide a uniform cleaning that will eventually restore the original appearance of the carpet.

• Use hot water

Even if you steam the carpet, you also need to use hot water to make the cleaning easier. While considering deep cleaning of the carpet, there are must be a lot of dirty that make it appear horrible. Some of the stains might tough even for the most powerful detergents but, use of hot water will be a perfect solution to remove them. Use of hot water helps in killing the bacteria and fungi that could be developing in the carpet. The water works more than a most of the cleaning chemical can do. The combination of hot water and detergent provides the perfect solution that will restore the carpet to its original new look and appearance.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

• Make use of homemade cleaning paste

If you are a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning guru or even a professional, you can take advantage of the effective homemade paste. You can make a homemade paste by mixing salt, borax and vinegar being the most popular one. The ratio for making this paste should be a ¼ cup of each of the three components.This homemade paste can be applied to deep stains or the heavily soiled areas of the carpet. You need to allow the paste to sit on the soiled part of the carpet for several hours until it dry. Vacuum it away and then continue with your deep cleaning. The paste is best used as carpet pre-treatment solution. Use of essential oils would also be used to keep the carpet fresh.

• Leave the room dry

If you were cleaning the carpet inside the room, you have to let it dry to prevent the comeback of the molds and mildew. You must also ensure that you have left all the furniture legs dry and free of the moisture and the cleaning solutions. Make sure that wipes the furniture and any woodwork off the foam and solutions. Also, open the windows to allow for evaporation of the remaining before the carpet can be placed back.

These are the main hack of deep carpet cleaning. If you can follow them precisely, then you are guaranteed to have a super clean and attractive carpet in your living room or office. If you are not a do-it-yourself guru, Singapore has many professional who can handle this task successfully.

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Your one stop solution for all types Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

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